J D Tyres Welsh Tarmacadam Rally Championship 


2021 Championship Calendar

Event Date Event Status Organising Club
21 Mar Tour of Caerwent IC Forresters Car Club Ltd.
2 Apr -> 3 Apr Tour of Epynt IC Port Talbot Motor Club Ltd
18 Apr SMC Stages IC Stockport 061 Motor Club
2 May Harlech Stages IC Harlech and District Motor Club
23 May Merlin Stages Rally IC Carmarthen Motor Club
29 May Red Dragon IT Stage Rally IC EMCOS
27 Jun Mid Summer Caerwent IC Forresters Car Club Ltd.
25 Jul Harry Flatters Rally IC Brecon Motor Club
28 Aug -> 29 Aug Mewla Rally IC Epynt Motor Club Ltd
26 Sep Patriot Stages
(Reserve Event)
IC Forresters Car Club Ltd.
1 Oct -> 2 Oct PokerStars Rally Int Manx Auto Sport Ltd
27 Nov -> 28 Nov Glyn Memorial Stages IC Caernarvonshire and Anglesey Motor Club